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Mollie’s Fund

Making a Difference in Melanoma

For over 20 years, Mollie’s Fund has been at the forefront of melanoma awareness and making a difference in melanoma education – partnering with esteemed healthcare providers and medical institutions to educate all ages on the importance of sun safety, provide free skin cancer screenings, and connect patients to the latest treatment innovations and compassionate support.

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Mollie’s Fund - Making a difference in Melanoma

Outreach and Events

Toast to taking down melanoma at one of our cocktail parties, outrun melanoma in one of our marathons, or shop in the name of skin cancer at one of our silent auctions. There’s always a way to connect with Mollie’s Fund, and always an important message to share.

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Free Melanoma Exchange Virtual Patient Forum Graphic

Melanoma Exchange Virtual Patient Forum

Join the Melanoma Research Alliance for an exciting two-day virtual event! Throughout the event, you’ll hear from leading experts in the melanoma field and have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss, and network with other people who are going through their own melanoma journey. Each session will provide information, insight, and strategies to help navigate melanoma diagnosis, treatment, or beyond.

Melanoma Research Alliance Annual Retreat (Virtual)

Jack and Maggie, along with our Medical Advisory Board members will be participating in the Melanoma Research Alliance Annual Retreat. Because of Covid, the format will be virtual. Participants include prominent scientists and researchers, non-profit foundation leaders, and government and industry representatives.

Annual Maintenance and Assessment of our Sunscreen Dispenser Program

With the help of volunteers, we made a day making sure all of our sunscreen dispensers were working properly and filled with sunscreen. We made sure we had on our sun hats and stayed lathered up with sunscreen!

In the News

Melanoma never sleeps. So neither do we. Here are the latest Mollie’s Fund highlights, including groundbreaking research, prevention tips, and support resources.

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FDNY Fire Academy and Mollie’s Fund Work Together for Skin Cancer Prevention

The Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation and the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Fire Academy announce a partnership to promote skin cancer prevention among “NYC’s Bravest.” Running into burning buildings and battling out of control fires isn’t the only risk for fire fighters.
Solar Distancing PSA

Mollie’s Fund to Launch Solar Distancing PSA

Solar distancing PSA social media campaign is scheduled to begin March 8th capturing spring breakers. See attached press release. Second wave scheduled for a May release, melanoma awareness month.
Charity Navigator - 100 out of 100 score logo seal

Mollie’s Fund Earns Top Score with Charity Navigator

The Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation was awarded the top score of 100 out of a possible 100 with Charity Navigator.
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